Lynton's Parent Committee

At Lynton we pride ourselves on maintaining outstanding partnerships with parents. We have a parent committee, which meets on a regular basis. This gives opportunities for parents to meet with the management team and other parents and discuss issues important to the parents. At a recent meeting we discussed some exciting changes we will be making, including an online parent and staff forum, which will enable parents to talk to each other and staff members, hopefully this will be up and running very soon. We also discussed the addition of an outdoor classroom and the benefits of this, additionally we discussed how parents can become involved in this if they wish.
 'Here at Lynton we feel that parental involvement is key so we decided to set up a Parent Committee. We held our first Parent Committee in May 2013. It was made up of myself, the Deputy Manager, our EYP, room leaders and four parent representatives. Our first meeting was very positive and has already benefitted the Nursery in several ways. The staff received some lovely comments which is always nice to hear. The parents engaged in decision making and came up with some useful ideas, such as the Parent and Staff forum, the introduction of fruit and vegetable boards and ways of helping parents to facilitate playdates between families. I also found the Parent Committee a great opportunity for Parents to meet each other and discuss aspects of parenting'. Laura Brookes Nursery Manager 
We believe the best people to tell you about what Lynton has to offer are some of our current customers. Some of our Parent Committee members have agreed to supply their e-mail addresses, to enable potential customers to contact them. If you would like to make contact with them, please use the following e-mail addresses.