Mission Statement

''We will lead the way in nursery provision with our flexible, child orientated, extended family approach. We will listen to parents, children and staff to create a nursery that we all believe is special and are proud and happy to be part of.''

We will ensure that your child is happy and safe by providing a warm, stimulating and loving environment in which he/she can develop and learn through interactive play in an atmosphere that is as close to home as can be achieve. Experience in a wide variety of play and learning activities helps to develop the use of language and expression, the understanding of concepts, imagination and creativity, social awareness, including multicultural awareness, co-operation and self-control. Each child is treated as an individual because staff are given responsibility for small groups.

Babies will be cared for according to the routine that has been established by parents at home. Toddlers and pre-school children will enjoy a balance of structured and free play activities to develop them to their full potential. We aim to prepare children for the transition to Primary School by building independence and confidence.
'He has clearly been cared for and encouraged to learn a wide variety of new skills', Dylan's Mum.
'Lynton is like a family rather than a business and  that is a really encouraging attribute. The environment and setting is also lovely with lots of space to play', Daisy's Mum.
'Lynton has provided the perfect environment for Jack to develop into the confident boy he is', Jack's Mum.